Landscape Architectural Consulting

In addition to constructing hundreds of natural rockscapes and rocklandscape a garden waterfall projects, Natural Rock Formations, has served as consultant and supplier of building materials to landscapers, architects, or individual clients on many projects in California, as well as beyond.

When integrated into the project in the design stages, customized rockscapes appear as an organic part of the whole, rather than an add-on.

The services we provide as consultant are:

Conceptual Design:
Providing unique rock garden design concepts, or helping you to develop your own rock garden plan.

Rock Harvest and Selection:
This is something that sets us apart from the other companies.  If you are looking for a unique stone or something that you can't find in a rockyard, you've come to the right place.  At Natural Rock Formations, we specialize in finding custom natural stone specimens and high quality stone material from our vast selection of quarries throughout the US.  Depending on your budget and the project, we will often travel to the quarry and hand select each piece to ensure the highest quality and fit for your project.  We can also suggest stone fabrication elements (does your stone need to be altered - cut or shaped to fit, etc.), and even incorporating fossil stone products, all to best suit the project.

Rock Placement:
Installation of the natural stone material, that fit your artistic and unique rockscape. Heavy lifts and the prevention of damage to the stone, which would mar the natural appearance, require a special expertise.  We can help.

Stone Fabrication - also known as Rock Alteration:
Cleaning, core drilling, sandblasting, cutting, polishing, honing, texturing, as well as structural bracing to form a secure stone formation with a natural or sculptural look and feel.