Commercial Projects

Natural Rock Formations, Inc. has worked on many projects both big and small for commercial showing.commercial Whether you are interested in creating a masterpiece for the entire city to enjoy, or a polished fountain to grace the beauty of your already magnificent entryway, we can help.

Often, commercial rock gardens and landscapes have a primary application intent. They are either searching for a theme, or they wish to address a theme with the use of stone. Our large selection of boulders and accompanying pathway & wall rock could address the color, texture & forms for a theme. Our stone fabrication services (ie: change shape, texture, and sometimes color) could also coincide with the theme. But even more important, our background in the study of geology brings forward natural designer elements that may not otherwise be considered. We may either supply this rock and / or provide construction application of the rock in your project.

So the next time that you think about creating a masterpiece to compliment your corporate lifestyle or business, let Natural Rock Formations, Inc. be your source for awesome rock!