Residential Projects

Throughout the past 25 years, Natural Rock Formations has gained a unique reputation among homeowners. We are not your typical rockyard. If you want to plan a rock garden, or other custom designed rockscape, we can point you in the right direction. We have worked as design contractors and consultants, designing and installing the rock garden landscaping ideas of our clients. We can also supply your natural rock building materials to fit the existing designs of your landscape architect.

Throughout your visit with Natural Rock Formations, you will be able to discuss your ideas for a home rock garden, or commercial rockscape project, through a one on one consultation.  You can arrange to meet at our design gardens, or we will gladly meet at your site.  During the consultation you and your Natural Rock Formations associate will work as a team as you brainstorm ideas regarding your artistic rockscape...what you like or dislike about certain design elements, colors, textures, and more. 

Natural Rock Formations, Inc. has created numerous custom designed rock residentialgardens and rockscapes, each with their own unique flair. Whether you are interested in creating something small to compliment your garden, such as a rock garden, waterfall, or something exquisitely grand, like an entire custom designed rockscape with stone fabrication elements or fossilized stone, we can help.  

At Natural Rock Formations, we value each and every client; we believe that every project deserves attention to detail and the highest quality as a standard.  We are happy to work with you regardless of how much, or how little you spend...let us know your budget and let's see what we can create!  


So why go to the park…when you can have the park in your own yard?  

Learn more about our Rock Supply & PlacementBring tranquility closer to home by installing an artistic rockscape and turn your garden into a work of art.

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